Nov. 11, 2016
PLASTIC SOLUTIONS INC.Plastic Solutions Inc. was founded in 1997 with the vision to supply structural plastic trash racks to the stormwater management industry. Since then, a significant amount of research and development has gone into product testing—including load testing, UV resistance, flammability, resin additives, and water flow restriction requirements—all with excellent results. Today Plastic Solutions supplies high-quality, industry-leading trash racks, and also sells HDPE pipe, HDPE fittings, ChamberMaxx pipe, PVC pipe, plastic catch and drain basins, and plastic sheet goods. Plastic Solutions has certified shop and field welders to ensure all requirements are
CULTECCULTEC Inc. is a family-owned and operated company with experience in the drainage industry for over 65 years. As the manufacturer of Contactor and Recharger Plastic Septic and Stormwater Chambers, CULTEC offers the largest variety of sizes to fit almost any site requirement. Recently, the installation of CULTEC’s Recharger 902HD chamber was utilized at Marion Elementary School in Chambersburg, PA, to satisfy stormwater management requirements. The 902HD was able to accommodate the site constraints and storage criteria while giving the engineers design flexibility and cost-savings to the
ESRI At some point, all communities face possible devastation from rising flood waters. And on the front line of the flood response effort are civil engineers inspecting and monitoring flood control systems in order to protect community lives and property. But…at what risk? Ryan Hunsicker and David Totman will give a free webcast exploring how the County of San Bernardino developed and implemented an effective flood response plan using a Geographic Information System (GIS). Participators can learn how to use GIS to effectively plan, execute, mitigate, and review flood control efforts year
MODULAR WETLANDS SYSTEMS The MWS Downspout stormwater filter is an adaptation of the company’s flagship MWS Linear designed specifically as an aboveground planter box for the treatment of stormwater roof runoff. The system is lightweight, available in various sizes, and easy to install without the use of any heavy equipment. The MWS Downspout filter offers pretreatment to collect leaves and debris for easy removal. The advanced stormwater biofiltration chamber offers maximum treatment capacity in a minimal footprint, for industrial sites looking to meet permit benchmarks for various pollutants including dissolved
CRETEX Cretex now offers square and rectangular PRO-RING for curb inlets and catch basins. Manufactured from the engineered polymer expanded polypropylene (EPP), these rings meet the AASHTO HS-25 requirements. EPP is renowned for its strength-to-weight ratio, chemical resistance, durability, and long service life. PRO-RING is approximately 1/20th the weight of concrete grade rings, which makes them easier to handle, safer, and reduces the risk of worker
BLOCKSOM & CO. Inlet Filter is a value-priced BMP for stormwater inlet protection during the construction phase. The versatile coir-fiber mat attaches easily to hundreds of grate styles making installation quick and easy. Customers can sweep the sides and top surface to maintain, even through standing water. Pads or rolls can be cut to size with a knife or scissors onsite for best fit and to allow overflow where regulations
BORGERT PRODUCTS In the US, continuing development increases impervious areas; therefore, an increase in stormwater management is required. The current conditions have resulted in problems from poor water quality to frequent flooding and erosion issues. Current infrastructures are over-burdened and costly to expand. As a solution for managing stormwater, Borgert Products developed and patented a permeable pavement system called FiltraPave (Patent# 737,465/737,466). The FiltraPave system is designed to remove surface water runoff and its pollutants, eliminating the need for costly expansion to infrastructure and wasteful detention ponds. FiltraPave controls the water while serving as walkways, plazas, parking lots, or
SOLINST CANADA LTD. Solinst Canada Ltd. has now released a new version of the Solinst Levelogger App that is compatible with Android smart devices. The Solinst Levelogger App makes water level data collection and sharing, as well as programming Levelogger dataloggers in the field, convenient and efficient. With the Levelogger App Interface, Bluetooth wireless technology allows connectivity from a Levelogger to a smartphone or tablet. The Levelogger App Interface simply threads onto the end of a Levelogger’s Direct Read Cable, or an Adaptor, and is paired with the smart device running the Solinst Levelogger App. The Solinst Levelogger App is available free to download on Google
WATERSHED GEO What is Concrete-Enhanced Synthetic Turf (CEST), and how can you best apply it to your site to capitalize on the environmental benefits of vegetation and the performance and maintenance of hard armor? Speaker Bradford Cooley, P.E., will give a free webcast exploring CEST revetment systems, including key elements and applications, installation and design best practices, hydraulic and non-hydraulic performance results, and how to implement CEST to improve performance and reduce maintenance costs. The webcast will review CEST—key components, considerations, and how it works—details of hydraulic and non-hydraulic performance; testing; and benefits over traditional hard armor revetments (e.g., performance, application, installation, environment, and cost)
PERMA-LINER To meet growing demand, Perma-Liner opened a distribution facility in the Philadelphia metro area of New Castle, DE. This new facility will support the current 60,000-square-foot manufacturing and distribution center in Clearwater, FL; West Coast distribution center in Anaheim, CA; and Midwest distribution center in Plainfield, IL. The location will allow for the convenience of onsite pick up and local delivery, as well as prompt next-day service for all of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. This facility will also offer full stocking of CIPP materials and equipment. Direct 24-hour assistance will be available to all Certified Perma-Liner
BLUE-WHITE INDUSTRIES FLEXFLO A-100N Polymer Pump handles high-viscosity polymers used in water and wastewater treatment. A-100N peristaltic metering pumps are equipped with Blue-White’s exclusive, built-in Tube Failure Detection system (TFD). If TFD senses tube failure, the pump will automatically shut off and energize a relay or switch, permitting communication with external equipment, such as a backup pump or alarm. This eliminates costly polymer spills and clean up. No false triggering is caused by condensation and washdown
IN-SITU Get real-time information on remote water monitoring sites. Cloud-based HydroVu Data Services gives up-to-date access to water monitoring data, while simplifying the task of filtering for important results. Customers can regularly view and analyze data to limit potential problems, and minimize data gaps by receiving customizable alarm notifications. Integrate with In-Situ instruments and telemetry systems for real-time feedback on all water monitoring sites. Get more from your sensors for less time and money with HydroVu Data