It’s Worth a Thousand Words

April 26, 2017

What I’m looking for are pictures of newly repaired infrastructure, recently crumbling infrastructure, or something that just caught your eye so much that you needed to pull out your phone and capture it.

Is there that one stretch of road on your commute that tests the limits of your vehicle?

Is there that one park in your neighborhood that always seems to flood?

What about the fresh asphalt that was just put down on your street?

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It doesn’t even have to be a picture of the actual infrastructure; it can be of something that came as a result of good or bad infrastructure.

Shoot it! Then send it to me ([email protected]), and you’ll be entered into Forester Media’s Infrastructure Photo Contest.

I’ll go first if you like. Here’s a picture of the coast a few miles from my house. It’s a beautiful spot that I started visiting more often now that the roads taking me there have been repaved.

We’re having the contest as part of Infrastructure Week, which is from May 15–19.

Once we have all of the entries, the Forester editorial staff will select the best one at the end of Infrastructure Week. That winner will have his/her photo published in all of the Forester magazines, as well as online.

From, “Infrastructure Week is a national week of education and advocacy that brings together American businesses, workers, elected leaders, and everyday citizens around one message: It’s #TimeToBuild. From May 15–19, leaders and citizens around America will highlight state of our nation’s infrastructure—roads, bridges, rail, ports, airports, water and sewer systems, the energy grid, and more—and encourage policymakers to invest in the projects, technologies, and policies necessary to make America competitive, prosperous, and safe.

Our bipartisan Steering Committee and over 150 affiliates host events, drive media attention, and educate stakeholders and policymakers on the critical importance of infrastructure to America’s economic competitiveness, security, job creation, and in the daily lives of every American. As a business, union, non-profit, government, or an individual who depends on infrastructure, you have an important story to tell. Find a way to participate and tell America that it is Time to Build.”

“During Infrastructure Week, organizations and individuals around America— from trade associations and local chambers of commerce to mayors and individual citizens—host events, tour new and innovative projects, talk about infrastructure in national, local and social media, and show policymakers at all levels of government the breadth and diversity of support for long-term, sustainable infrastructure funding and finance.”

Now that you’ve been inspired by a call to action, get started by having a little fun capturing that infrastructure photo.