Mission: Possible Demo Day 2018

Aug. 28, 2018

Rotochopper’s Demo Day 2018 is just around the corner. This year Demo Day will feature the latest innovations that Rotochopper has to offer, including the recently launched, B-66 L Series, and Demo Day is your chance to see it in action.

The New B-66 L Series is engineered to take on your toughest grinding applications with its enhanced features and capabilities. With a 40” throat opening and 19’ infeed, this grinder can accommodate larger and longer logs. Notable changes include an open front infeed, new powerfeed design and lower infeed conveyor.

Rotochopper grinding equipment can transform your raw materials into finished products at the lowest cost per ton or cubic yard. In demo after demo, we will show you why Rotochopper is the clear choice for producing engineered fiber commodities.

Live demos will include these raw materials/products and grinding equipment:

Raw Materials/Products                                              Machines
C & D                                                                                     NEW B-66L
Logs & Whole Trees                                                        B-66TD
Colored Mulch                                                                   FP-66
Chips                                                                                     MC-266
Pallets                                                                                   MP-2
Slabs                                                                                      Go-Bagger 250
Compost                                                                              Certified Factory Refurbished B-66 & EC-266
Coarse Fiber                                                                       RMT Hammermill

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See the RotoLink monitoring system in action throughout the day and learn how it can make your grinding operation more efficient. Watch certified factory refurbished equipment process raw wood fiber and discover how this quality equipment can provide value at a lower cost than a new machine.

We are excited to show you our manufacturing facility, our equipment, and our most valuable asset—the people who design, build, and support Rotochopper grinding solutions. We look forward to seeing you at Demo Day 2018 and showing you how Rotochopper can make your Mission Possible!