GX Contractor’s Best of 2018

Dec. 25, 2018

Before we close the books on 2018, let’s revisit GX Contractor’s top posts and stories for the year.

This blog post received more comments than any other GX Contractor post published in 2018.

Buried Alive

“As Eric Giguere left for work on the morning of October 4, 2002, little was different in his daily routine other than the wedding ring he had just started wearing.” Continue Reading

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This article by Nathan Medcalf was the most read article of 2018 from GX Contractor online magazine.

Fire to Ice, Forest to Landfill

Photo Credit: John Deere
The John Deere 850K Waste
Handler dozer with trash rack pushing garbage at a landfill

Specialty uses for dozers

Dozers are often seen in site preparation and the early stages of roadbuilding, but they may be much more versatile than you think. Other applications where dozer use is substantial include waste, forestry, fire, and disaster clean up. These niche applications put extra demands on the dozer, which manufacturers have met by customizing them into the ideal machines for these environments. Also, size matters. A lot of these markets prefer the bigger machines, but not all of them. Continue Reading

From the pages of GX Contractor online magazine, this article by Barbara Hesselgrave received the most views from search traffic.

Credit: Ditch Witch

The Ditch Witch Subsite TK RECON4

Tools and Techniques to Find Underground Utilities

Different tools and techniques that are used in finding underground utilities

Searching for underground utilities has been transformed from educated guesswork, to space-age perfection in the last few decades. But the fact that anything exists underground in the first place offers an interesting backstory.

Our sub-surface infrastructure—truly a world of its own—is the result of a cascade of innovations that began when the first cut-and-cover tunnels were built by the Pharaohs thousands of years ago. Continue Reading

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