A Bright Future for GX Contractor

Jan. 2, 2019

In case you missed it, GX Contractor and our sister publications were acquired by Endeavor Business Media last month.  We’re excited to be a part of the Endeavor Business Media family, and our team will continue to bring you the quality, in-depth, in-the-field content and training you expect.  You can read the full announcement here.

Change comes fast, especially in the accelerating world of construction technology. It’s fascinating to think that the smartphone you carry in your pocket has 240,000 times the memory of a Voyager spacecraft from the late 1970’s according to NASA.  Construction equipment is no different, and it’s worth revisiting these articles on the increasing importance and prevalence of software and computing power as tools in the earthmoving trades.

Physical Gains from the Digital World

The digital keys to unlock a wealth of efficiency and productivity

Credit: John Deere

The John Deere 950K dozer equipped with the company’s fully integrated SmartGrade technology.

The greatest productivity-enhancing features on new heavy equipment are digital—not mechanical. Machine size, attachment size, swing speed, travel speed…none of these changes have the potential to unlock productivity and efficiency in the same manner that digital technologies can. The technologies that have the greatest influence over heavy equipment production and use are machine control and fleet management.

Historically, the construction industry has been slow to adopt technology. Complexity and constant change are the largest reasons for slow adoption. However, technologies such as fleet management and machine control are now reaching a tipping point.  Continue Reading

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The Software Side of Compaction

Credit: Volvo
Volvo compaction software for both asphalt and soil

The different levels of technology for intelligent compaction

Minimizing void content is a primary goal in asphalt compaction. For many in the industry, the tool to do so is not only the machine in which they are sitting but the computer screen in the cab, combining the intelligence and skills of the operator with “intelligent” software.

The result: more precise job performance results with increased labor and cost efficiencies for grading and excavation contracting companies using the software on their construction equipment. Continue Reading

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