The Future of Automation in Construction

Oct. 15, 2019
Gx Jr Blog
A startup tech company based in Singapore called Eureka Robotics recently revealed that they have developed a robot—named Archimedes—that is capable of very precise movements involving delicate materials such as mirrors and optical lenses. The six-axis arm of the robot is controlled by AI-based algorithms. The motions were designed to copy the precision and dexterity of human hand movements. It is one of the first robots that has been developed with both high accuracy and high agility scores. Using a robot such as this in manufacturing will save operators lots of time.NTU Associate Professor Pham Quang Cuong, the founder of Eureka Robotics, further explains the benefits of their latest project: Archimedes does laborious and repetitive tasks, so humans can be freed up to do more creative and meaningful work. Companies can then improve productivity, efficiency, work safety, manufacturing outputs, while optimisinglabour.” (From an article on
At Grading & Excavation Contractor, we talk a lot about automation and its role in the construction equipment industry, like in a recent interview with Professor Paul Newman, cofounder of Oxbotica, the autonomous vehicles software company ( Automation increases both safety and efficiency. As Newman explains, “It’s about empowering the genius of the human brain by taking away the monotonous tasks.”

Archimedes will be unveiled later this month at the Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC 2019 trade event. 

According to Volvo CE in a guest blog that appeared on our website, “Once confined to the pages of science fiction novels, artificial intelligence (AI) has now become a reality that cannot be ignored. In many ways, we are already using AI—from the news feed we read on our smartphones to the software that enables us to shop online securely. We no longer see AI as a far-fetched concept resigned to our imaginations; it is something we are experiencing and benefiting from every day.” 

How do you see a development like Archimedes benefiting the construction industry in the near future?