Calhoun Super Structure Awarded Sourcewell Contract in Fabric Structures with Related Materials and Services Category

Dec. 2, 2019
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   Tara, Ontario: Sourcewell (formerly known as NJPA), one of North America’s largest governmental cooperative contract holders, recently awarded a competitively solicited contract to Calhoun Super Structure under the Fabric Structures with Related Materials and Services category. The contract allows Calhoun Super Structure to better serve state / provincial and municipal customers by streamlining access to fabric structure facilities.

As part of the process, responses from fabric structure companies with related materials and services were evaluated against multiple criteria to help governmental agencies determine the best value when making purchase decisions. Calhoun’s response – which included considerations such as pricing, product line, value-added attributes, certifications, warranties, and more – was scored amongst the highest of 22 fabric structure companies with related materials and services who submitted responses.

“We are extremely proud that the innate quality and sound engineering methods of Calhoun’s fabric structures were reflected in receiving one of the highest scores in this RFP,” says Jeremy Calhoun, President/Owner of Calhoun Super Structure. “Cooperative purchasing is becoming the way forward in ensuring governmental, educational, and non-profit customers receive top value for their investment. Moving away from traditional bid processes is a win-win for fabric structure manufacturers, our dealer networks, and tax-payers across North America. This awarded contract allows us to promote our product based on its true merit: quality, technological advancements in engineering, and general safety of our product”.

Cooperative purchasing for government, education, and non-profit customers is on the rise due to its simple process and time-saving benefits. It allows member agencies the ability to make decisions based on overall value. Sourcewell, a government agency, has satisfied the competitive solicitation process on behalf of its 50,000 members. Sourcewell members have access to over 350 contracts across numerous categories such as construction, facilities, public safety, technology, administration, and more.

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