Editor’s Blog: Reality Television

July 14, 2020
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I have been binge-watching a lot of TV shows this year. I won’t mention which titles I’ve started on a Friday evening and finished on a Sunday morning because I am not trying to promote any particular program. What I am going to say is that I have recognized a pattern in almost all of them that is both frustrating but also keeps me clicking on “Skip Intro” to move on to the next episode.

It has become apparent to me whoever is writing these stories creates the main plot and as the protagonist moves toward the main goal of the plot, the writer has this hero and his/her allies develop plans and schemes to achieve that goal. Then, just as success is within their grasp, something goes wrong and the plan falls apart, leaving our heroes near exhaustion and back where they first started.

I keep watching because I want to witness their ultimate triumph. I want to have closure.

I bring this up as an example of life imitating art. As the coronavirus numbers spike again across the country, states are shutting down again. Businesses are being impacted again. People are out of work again. Industry leaders are turning to the government for guidance and help again.

The heroes of our reality continue to plan and scheme in order to achieve the goal of normalcy, but now we’ve arrived at the point in the story where the plan falls apart, we’re exhausted, and we’re nearly back to where we started. We brush off the dust and debris, let our wounds heal, and then rise for the next challenge. We have no other choice than to move on to the next episode. We will rely on our leaders. We will trust in our skills and experience. We will continue to have hope.

So, stay tuned. Be resilient. One morning we will wake up and be ready to start Season 2.