A Little Fun

Oct. 14, 2020
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I have to admit that my mood has been quite serious as of late. The election is around the corner. The pandemic continues. The dirt-moving industry continues to struggle in numerous ways. The closer we get to 2021, the more uneasy I feel about the possibility of a “return to normal” once we enter the new year. I know I will have some degree of anxiety about whether or not it happens.

So, I have decided to put down some of this weight for a short time and try to have a little fun. Take a few minutes to relax and forget the problems facing our world with a few videos. A few years ago, Caterpillar created a series of videos called “The Cat Trials.” Of course, they are marketing videos, but they also highlight extremely high degrees of operator skills, making them very fun to watch.

Being a golf nut, this first one, Driving Range, is my favorite. It was shot at Cat’s Tinaja Hills facility in Arizona with Japanese professional golfers Erimo and Marimo Ikeuchi.

Another favorite is Tug of War, featuring professional strongman and actor Hafthor “Thor” Bjornsson taking on a Cat D10 dozer.

Again, these videos are a few years old but the good news is that Caterpillar is announcing the return of the Cat Trials, promising new videos due to drop in just a few days. Here’s the preview.

I will vote in the coming election. I will continue to wear a mask and social distance. I will continue to monitor our industry. And I will move forward into 2021 with all seriousness and diligence. But it doesn’t hurt to have a little fun once in a while.