New 15.1 Enhancements Available for Unified Suite of B2W Software Elements for Construction Estimating and Operations

Aug. 13, 2015

Advances in Equipment Warranty Tracking, Electronic Signature Capture, Bid Scheduling Analytics, and Mobile Tablet Capabilities Among Key Developments for B2W ONE Platform

Portsmouth, NH – July 27, 2015 – Version 15.1 is now available for the B2W ONE platform of software solutions for estimating and operations, with new features that help construction enterprises bid more effectively, streamline workflows and further leverage real-time, collaborative data. This version adds analytical tools to the B2W Estimate element, enhances electronic signature capture with the B2W Track element, and creates opportunities to cut equipment downtime and maintenance costs using the B2W Maintain element.

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B2W Software updates the elements within its enterprise-class ONE (Operational Networked Elements) platform up to three times annually to incorporate emerging technologies and specific requests from clients for new features.

“Version 15.1 is the most aggressive of these continuous enhancement efforts in our history in terms of software development and added functionality,” explains B2W Software CEO Paul McKeon. “This reflects our commitment to addressing the growing demand in the heavy construction space for a unified software platform that can improve operational efficiency, enable data-driven analytics and, ultimately, make companies more cost competitive and profitable.”

B2W Software elements are built on the ONE platform to empower construction companies to optimize data and establish a unified workflow among functions essential to profitability. Data can be entered and shared in real time across the entire network of individual B2W elements for estimating and bidding, field tracking, dispatching and maintenance. This visionary B2W approach eliminates inaccuracy, redundancy, delays and the complexity of integrating disparate applications.

Click on the descriptions below for detailed information on key new features of the 15.1 version of the B2W Software elements for estimating and operations.

B2W Estimate 15.1

The B2W Estimate element is a comprehensive solution for estimating and bidding that offers accuracy, speed, efficiency and collaboration advantages over spreadsheets and non-enterprise-class options. Added features for B2W Estimate 15.1 include:

  • Enhanced bid scheduling analysis – to capture and cross reference more data on all current and upcoming bids – including competitive participation – and allow more informed decisions regarding bid participation.
  • Efficiency factoring – to calculate estimated crew productivity based on historical percentages and uncover hidden equipment and employee challenges at a specific site.
  • New fields for weights and dimensions– to capture equipment and material weights and dimensions in order to more accurately calculate shipping costs, identify site restrictions, and match equipment to job site requirements.

B2W Track 15.1

The B2W Track element streamlines field tracking and analysis by providing complete monitoring and project management capabilities and a direct, real-time comparison to original bids. Key enhancements to Track 15.1 include:

  • Electronic employee signature– capture signatures instantly on a tablet and share with the office, payroll personnel or other departments to verify hours, compliance with safety protocols or other information.
  • View job information on a tablet– use the B2W Mobile App to get anytime, anywhere access to detailed job information – including attachments, reports and data-driven dashboards from the tablet.

B2W Maintain 15.1

Construction companies utilize the B2W Maintain element to increase equipment up time and availability while reducing overall maintenance costs. 15.1 Maintain enhancements include:

  • Centralized, proactive warranty tracking– manage and track warranties automatically for equipment, components and parts, allowing shop managers to maximize repair work covered under warranty.
  • Flexible work order views– assign, schedule and view work orders with ease by dragging, dropping and clicking within one customizable screen to optimize the planning of maintenance and repairs.
  • Advanced equipment tracking and telematics integration– to achieve more accurate, in-depth monitoring of each specific piece of equipment
  • Real-time parts inventory management– manage inventory for individual parts in a Parts tab and globally in a new Inventory tab to sustain up-to-date information on availability and location.

About B2W Software

Headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, B2W Software (aka, BID2WIN Software™) is a premier provider of enterprise-class construction software, services and solutions that is redefining the future for streamlined operations. Powered by the unique ONE platform, B2W solutions effectively leverage the latest technologies into a unified system for estimating and bidding, field tracking and analysis, resource planning and dispatching, equipment maintenance and repair and information management and analysis.