Topcon Announces New Control Box for Excavator Systems for the Americas

Oct. 30, 2015

LIVERMORE, Calif. – October 29, 2015 ­– Topcon Positioning Group announces the new GX-55 control box for machine-controlled excavation is available in the Americas.  With the release of the GX-55, Topcon adds three new 2D and 3D systems to its line of excavation solutions — the X-52 as well as the X-53 and X-53i.  In any solution, the GX-55 is designed to provide users with new visual and audible features to achieve grade safely and efficiently for 2D or 3D excavating tasks.

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“The bright and robust GX-55 delivers the highest quality graphical experience for modern machine control,” said Kris Maas, director of construction product management. “Today operators use Sitelink3D to instantly communicate entire job activities to managers on-the-go.  The GX-55 delivers this real-time project information faster than ever.”

“Whether you want to take advantage of Topcon 2D, 3D, or 3D indicate machine controlled excavation systems, the new GX-55 is delivered in a lightweight package for easy machine transfer, storage, and quick cable attachment,” said Maas.

The large 6.5 inch sunlight-viewable and color LCD touchscreen is surrounded by integrated LED light bars for a continuous grade reference of the bucket’s teeth. Additional features include customizable audible tones for grade reference, integrated virus protection, and easy-access USB ports for saving and downloading job files