It Sounds Drug Induced, But It Isn’t

Aug. 24, 2016

We have recently published an article in Grading & Excavation Contractor magazine on Building Information Modeling, or BIM, by Daniel P. Duffy. It was basically a primer on the emerging 3D digital technology that maps the physical and structural systems of a construction project. It offers digital X-ray type views of all the functional and structural components involved on a computer or tablet.

And now with that innovation just starting to take hold, along comes the use of augmented reality in construction.

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Microsoft’s HoloLens is being given a test run by a construction firm in Rhode Island. The MIT Technology Review published an article a short time ago on the Gilbane Building Company putting the technology through its paces.

“When Myers recently put on HoloLens to look at a mockup of a project, he could see that steel frames the company planned to order to support the building’s walls were too long to fit the design. Having spotted the issue ahead of time, the company can now ask the supplier to cut the frames shorter in his shop rather than make workers adjust dozens of tracks that would hold the frames in place. Myers estimates that the move will save Gilbane about $5,000 in labor costs.

“Construction is one of the least automated industries around, and it will be for a long time. But augmented reality might begin to change that. Tools like HoloLens, which places holographic images in its user’s physical environment, could help this $10 trillion business increase efficiency so that fewer projects run over budget and behind schedule. Gilbane is one of many early testers of the technology. The engineering firm AECOM, the design and architecture firm Gensler, and the China State Construction Engineering Corporation have also announced they are experimenting with HoloLens.”

It’s a compelling read to be sure. Here’s the link.

But wait until you check out this video to be truly amazed: