Dexter + Chaney, Procore Bring Integrated Project Management to Construction Market

Feb. 7, 2017

SEATTLE, February 2, 2017: Dexter + Chaney, the leader in cloud-based construction ERP software and developer of Spectrum® Construction Software, is pleased to announce that its bi-directional integration with Procore Technologies, Inc., the leader in cloud-based construction project management software, is now available to all users.

The two companies began working together last year on the integration, with the goal of providing an integrated project management and accounting solution for the construction industry. That core integration is now complete and tested with client companies, meaning that users can now easily share relevant data between the two systems, while keeping specific processes and operations independent.

“We’re very excited to bring this integration to the market. With the construction industry moving toward cloud-based solutions, and in looking at our development paths, integration between our platforms was a natural fit,” said Dexter + Chaney Vice President of Strategy Scott Rosenbloom. “Now, project managers can manage their projects the way they want to using Procore’s extensive tools and resources, while Spectrum’s accounting and financial aspects are streamlined to achieve better cash flow and better financial analysis of the construction organization.”

Procore’s cloud-based construction project management platform is a powerful, easy-to-use solution that automates project management tasks and creates a central hub for real time project information. Dexter + Chaney’s Spectrum solution is a web-based ERP suite of applications for complete construction accounting, as well as equipment, service, and project management.

The seamless integration between the two systems allows clients to realize the full potential of a complete construction management solution.

“Procore and Dexter + Chaney hit a really good balance in their integration between where the accounting system should control the process and where the project management system should have control,” said Eric Rose, president of EM Rose Builders, Inc., one of the early adopters using the integration between the two systems. “Now we’re able to write our contracts where we are supposed to be writing them—in our project management software, and then getting them into accounting in a format that makes sense to construction people. We’re all really excited about this here.”

Rose added that the core functionalities of both software packages give companies a plug-in environment to get work done more efficiently now, while scaling for additional feature integrations in the near future. “For me, the integration between Spectrum and Procore is about keeping the project managers in Procore all day, every day, doing their jobs, and letting accounting do its job in supporting our projects,” he said.

Another early adopter, EBCO General Contractors, LTD, noted that working with both Dexter + Chaney and Procore on the integration was a smooth process.

“Working with the Procore/Spectrum integration team throughout the beta testing process has been incredible – we felt like part of the team,” said Denice Allison, CCIFP, the company’s senior manager of project accounting. “The improvement in the efficiency of our processes and the timeliness and accuracy of information is invaluable.”

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Rose echoed those sentiments, noting that the teams at Procore and Dexter + Chaney demonstrated not only a commitment to a robust integration but, more importantly, a total commitment to understanding clients’ business processes.

“The integration between these two platforms is very exciting for users because both developers have adopted an iterative programming approach. This approach means that user suggestions for features and functions and interoperability is on a much faster track than older development methods,” Rose said. “We have seen through the integration process and in our dealings with both firms that application improvements and advancements are coming at a much faster pace. It is very exciting to see our ideas and those of other users become reality multiple times during the year instead of one big upgrade that often misses the mark.”