Trimble and HCSS Collaborate to Bring Civil Bidding, Estimating, Job Costing and Safety Applications to Key Global Markets

Nov. 12, 2018

SUNNYVALE, Calif., November 2018—As part of an ongoing commitment to transform the way engineering and construction companies work, Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) and HCSS, Inc. will collaborate to tightly couple estimating and bidding workflows to field operations, driving increased job site productivity, improved quality and expanded visibility into today’s construction environment.

This collaboration will include strategic product integrations to Trimble’s existing construction software portfolio. In addition, the companies plan to develop solutions that will enhance joint and future customers’ current workflow and real-time visibility by connecting the bidding and estimating process through to developments in the field. Trimble and HCSS are also exploring how best to bring HCSS’s leading software applications in construction to key markets globally. The collaboration is planned to leverage HCSS’s top-tier software and support infrastructure with Trimble’s global market knowledge and distribution capabilities.

The companies expect to begin working together in early 2019 with Trimble representing the primary sales, marketing and distribution channel for HCSS HeavyBid, HCSS HeavyJob and HCSS Safety outside of North America. This collaboration will expand HCSS’s ability to serve a global market and allow for tighter integrations into Trimble’s continuum-focused software portfolio for the construction market.

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“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to provide more value to our mutual customers while at the same time expanding our combined value proposition globally,” said Mike Rydin, HCSS’s Chief Executive Officer. “We really look forward to working with Trimble and what we can accomplish together.”

“Collaborating with HCSS will provide an important element of our long-term construction continuum strategy by connecting field operations with the estimating and bidding process,” said Bryn Fosburgh, Trimble vice president. “Trimble’s solutions have already set new standards in a supporting a broad range of construction operations—from data collection and machine guidance and control to collaboration and project management. HCSS’s solutions, together with our existing capabilities, will provide a solution set that can enable an integrated and seamless workflow to reduce rework and improve productivity.”

The focused efforts of Trimble and HCSS will provide a unique, differentiated technology portfolio and one-stop shopping for contractors, estimators, fleet managers and other construction stakeholders, which they can leverage to drive new levels of productivity, enable more competitive bidding and improve profitability on projects.

About HCSS

Founded in 1986, HCSS is a leader in construction software and mobile applications solutions for the heavy civil, transportation, and utility industries. More than 60,000 professionals use HCSS software to improve their proficiency at estimating, job management, resource management, safety and equipment management.

In addition to high-quality software, HCSS is known for providing world-class customer service with professional implementation planning, ongoing training, and instant 24/7 support, 365 days a year.

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