Firmatek Launches Firmatek Cloud with Premium Features for Industry Clients

Dec. 17, 2019
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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS —Firmatek, the industry leader in stockpile measurement and mapping for the aggregate mining industry, is excited to announce the launch of their new software platform, Firmatek Cloud. Firmatek released Firmatek Cloud on December 17, 2019, as a free upgrade to all clients. Firmatek Cloud is a collaborative environment that delivers intuitive customizable solutions to clients that enable them to make better decisions. It is an improved way for Firmatek to provide the insights and results that the company has been delivering for over 30 years to clients in the mining, solid waste, construction, and utilities industries. Of the decision to build and launch Firmatek Cloud, Firmatek President Lauren Elmore said, “It wasn’t just about an update to our client experience or coming up with creative ways to solve the biggest challenges facing our clients. Building Firmatek Cloud was partly about those things, but that wasn’t the reasoning behind our efforts. Firmatek Cloud is a necessary part and evolution of Firmatek living our purpose and values and making sure that our clients get the best solutions and tools available.”

The decision to invest in building internal development capabilities from scratch reflects a continued focus on offering clients solutions that enable them to improve their operations. Firmatek Cloud’s development is led by Rob Wyssbrod (Chief Operating Officer) and Agha Zain (Senior Director of Product and Software Development). It gives clients the tools to improve the way they visualize, analyze, and organize their site data. Firmatek is committed to continuing to develop a best in class solution for our clients. Unlike most current business models, Firmatek Cloud is a revolutionary SaaS addition available to everyone instantly at no extra cost. Long gone are the days of updating all your software on different machines regularly just to view or update your data.

Key features in Firmatek Cloud include:

● All your data and deliverables in one single location

● Interactive visualization of your all your sites

● Create and manage all your materials in the Materials Library

● Online Stockpile Markups

● The ability to edit all non-volume information in your reports

● Improved Message Center and email notifications for important events and actions-required

● Fully SaaS based online platform that grows with your needs and is always available to you without any extra software or upgrades required

The company launched the first version of Firmatek Cloud in December 2019, and has many additional features planned for early 2020, including more customization and collaboration tools.