Digital Construction Works Announces New Services and Solutions to Accelerate Digital Adoption in Construction

March 15, 2020
Improves Operational Workflows and Efficiencies
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LAS VEGAS — The CONEXPO-CON/AGG Conference, March 11, 2020 —– Digital Construction Works, Inc., (DCW), a digital automation, integration, digital twinning services, and fit-for-purpose solutions company announces several NEW services and solutions, including several 4D construction workflow solutions, a DCW Integrations Platform, and DCW Insights.

  Services: • Digital Readiness • Digital Twinning • Processing • Visualization and Analysis • Continuous Surveying • Construction Modeling 4D/5D • Advanced Work Packaging (AWP)  

  Solutions: • DCW Integrations Platform • DCW Insights • DCW 4D Mass Haul Earthworks • DCW 4D Temporary Works • DCW 4D Construction Verification • DCW Construction Solution for AWP  

  The DCW Integrations Platform is a connected data warehouse, with the purpose to enable secure, robust, and scalable integrations of multiple product sets and digital services as fit-for-purpose workflow-based processes found on a digital construction project. Its ability to enable in-depth reporting, data validation, integration, and digital twin representation of the job site is necessary for digital transformation. It empowers the digital twin and DCW analytics, which improves overall project awareness, management, and reporting. DCW Insights is powered by the DCW Integrations Platform and provides secure project performance dashboards and uses advanced analytics to monitor construction activity, helping to mitigate cost and time overruns while keeping safety at the forefront. Advanced analytics enables data-driven decisions and optimizes best practices.   

  Among DCW’s other new Solutions includes the DCW Construction Solution for AWP, integrated Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) to improve cost, schedule, and predictability. It facilitates digital workflows for the path of construction, work packaging, constraint analysis, on-site materials management, construction verification, completions, commissioning and startup, and creation of the digital twin. DCW 4D Mass Haul Earthworks optimizes earthmoving operations via an integrated planning workflow for 4D earthwork project planning, simulation, mass haul schedules, and quantities. It decreases haul distances, saving time and fuel, and provides a cost-effective way of allocating equipment and human resources. DCW 4D Temporary Works visualizes temporary works for design and construction. Continuous surveying analyzes the current site status semi-automatically, along with parametric design rules, to calculate the minimum amount of temporary equipment needed. It also accelerates the construction feedback loop with real-world conditions to reduce construction costs and improve job site safety. DCW 4D Construction Verification is a critical path of the construction verification process for transportation, building, and site and uses fast and continuous reality versus design comparisons improving project status reporting and removes the potential backlog of as-builts often required for the next phase of construction. It avoids wasted time on rework, schedule delays, and downstream clashes.   

Ted Lamboo, CEO of DCW, said: "The construction industry sees that digitizing their workflows will increase efficiency and avoid risk and overruns. For example, DCW performed a project for a leading North America EPC on a major construction project in Texas. The DCW team was asked to step in and ramp up the project quickly so the customer could meet critical project goals. Through the use of DCW’s Construction Solution for AWP, using the programmatic implementation of the AWP best-practices and digital workflows for the path of construction, DCW was able to significantly decrease the amount of time it would have previously taken to accomplish the project. DCW formed a trusted partnership with the customer and has been invited to work on additional projects."   

"We believe that the integration of industry technologies is how true efficiency gains will be realized. DCW’s subject matter experts have both real-world construction experience and technology knowhow to deliver unique solutions for organizations looking to advance their digital capabilities. We initially engage with companies by performing a digital assessment that identifies necessary integrations and path of construction digital workflow improvements,” said Jason Hallett, COO of DCW. DCW solutions span every phase of the project – from planning to construction and operations through to asset management – creating a digital thread that connects technologies and workflows. DCW end-to-end services automate and optimize construction operations through the digital transformation of the asset lowering full-lifecycle asset costs. Owners don't need to do it on their own. DCW can do it for them. DCW helps to automate and connect disparate tools, including fit-for-purpose software and cloud services from third parties. DCW provides next best practices and enables project teams to gain visibility and insights through data and analytics to improve construction planning, execution, reduce project costs, increase safety, reduce liability, and improve capital project delivery. Through its Partnering and Community, DCW has a global network of service providers who engage in projects with customers to deliver digital transformation outcomes. The network includes technology partners such as Bentley Systems and Topcon Positioning Group and other third-party technology providers. Educational resource providers, including schools, unions, and trades, will be partnered-with to help fill the construction skills gap. The Labs at DCW drive increased transparency and efficiency in construction operations. The Labs turn big ideas into solutions and serve as the construction industries R&D engine, where we prove repeatable workflows and technology integrations affecting interoperability, reporting, analytics, and digital twin delivery. DCW Labs use analytical solutions to extract meaning from enormous volumes of data to help organizations improve their data-driven decision making. Such solutions help support the integration of project data across disciplines and teams, at every step of the construction process, for better collaboration to identify conflicts and risks. It helps to transform the industry from its legacy document-centric paradigm to a complete digital space-time operating system. Project teams receive verification in near real-time for on-time, predictable, and on-budget project delivery.

  DCW is a joint venture company between Topcon Positioning Systems and Bentley Systems and is attending CONEXPO with Topcon.