Corecon Technologies Announces Rebuilt Mobile App for its Construction Software Suite

July 28, 2020
Designed for a mobile construction workforce, Corecon’s rebuilt mobile app includes a variety of features to quickly capture and report daily business activities streamlining construction operations.
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Huntington Beach, Calif., (July 28, 2020) – Corecon Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based construction estimating, project management and job cost software, has released a new Corecon Mobile app. For use with Corecon’s browser-based online construction software, the new app replaces the previous version which was completely rebuilt in both Android and iOS formats to leverage the latest mobile technologies.

“Geared specifically for construction field staff who often travel between the office and job site, our new mobile app significantly improves the user experience while ensuring accurate and accessible real-time project data for the project team,” said Corecon Technologies President Norman Wendl. “Taking advantage of modern mobile technologies and the same APIs used by Corecon’s browser solution, our mobile app is rich with features aimed at simplifying and improving the day-to-day activities of today’s job site personnel.”

Available free to Corecon subscribers, the rebuilt app provides the same project management tools available in its browser solution—Corecon V8. And, since Corecon’s entire product line connects to a common platform, information can be entered in either solution, eliminating the need for data synchronization across devices.

Corecon’s rebuilt mobile app includes a new user interface and navigation functions making it even easier than before to view and add construction project information from a smartphone or tablet device. Upon logging into the new app, subscribers have immediate access to common daily entries such as timecards, expenses and daily logs. The app also includes lead/job opportunity tracking functions, as well as the workflow for transaction approvals if enabled by the company.

Featuring a variety of updated tools for construction project documentation, tracking and reporting, some new features of the Corecon Mobile app include:

  • Biometric options (finger and facial recognition) to log in.
  • Separate Read and Edit forms to avoid data entry mistakes.
  • A streamlined data entry process for all features.
  • New Clock In/Clock Out feature with geotagging for employees and crews.
  • Email options for features such as Journals and RFIs, including templates to standardize messaging.
  • Additional quality control and safety features such as Permits, Safety Incidents and Site Hazard Assessments.

Like its predecessor, the Project Details view lists all related information (drawings, images, daily logs) linked to the construction project, and it also adjusts to the appropriate time zones for Corecon’s domestic and global customer base. Both the Android and iOS versions of the app continue to capitalize on the features of their individual devices, providing Corecon users with the ability to take progress photos, use speech-to-text functions and import contacts directly from their smartphone or tablet.

“With more than 70% of our workforce on the job site, mobile access to Corecon gives our field team real-time access to the critical information they need to do their job,” said Eric R. Korb, CAO/CTO for

G William Group, LLC. “A notable benefit in the new Corecon Mobile app is that it allows us to see the commitments of our suppliers across multiple projects, giving us better insight into resource constraints.”

The new Corecon Mobile app is available now and is free to subscribers of Corecon V8. Both existing and new Corecon Mobile users can download the app on iTunes or the Google Play Store.