Corecon Technologies Releases Updated Estimating Module in its Cloud-Based Construction Software Suite

Nov. 18, 2020
With customer-driven functions and an advanced user interface, Corecon’s new estimating module provides unmatched features for tracking leads and conducting complex estimates.
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Huntington Beach, Calif. (November 18, 2020) – Corecon Technologies, Inc. has released a major upgrade to the estimating module in Corecon—a leading cloud-based construction estimating, project management and job cost software suite. The update includes significant improvements to the module’s user interface (UI) as well as a variety of customer-driven enhancements to track and win new projects. Concluding a phased platform change to Angular, this is Corecon’s most complex module update since moving to this framework in 2017.

“Corecon was already an unparalleled offering in the cloud construction estimating software space, providing not only comprehensive capabilities for developing detailed estimates but also offering integrated RFP [request for proposal] Packages to solicit and collect pricing from vendors,” says Corecon Technologies President Norman Wendl.  “Our latest enhancements provide construction companies with even more capabilities for producing accurate and competitive bids.”

As part of the upgrade, one significant change to Corecon’s RFP Packages feature is a new Kanban View to group vendors by bid response status. Thus, each Kanban status column can now include vendors from different packages. The Bid Analysis function also incorporates UI changes that provide greater insights into vendor pricing.

Furthermore, if a vendor is not ready to submit pricing on RFP Package items but wants to provide a response, new Response Status Options can be noted such as: No Response, Undecided - Waiting For Plans, Undecided - Reviewing Plans, Undecided - Need Assistance, and Not Bidding. Other status options include Bid Submitted – Complete, Bid Submitted – Partial and Bid Submitted - With Notes.

New Estimate Property Fields have also been added to the updated module including Proposal Date, Proposal Valid Thru Date, Status, Status Date, Review by Contact, Review Due Date and Date Reviewed. Overall status is beneficial when multiple estimates have been prepared for a given job and the client awards only one or a few due to budget constraints.

A new Location Table in Corecon helps to categorize cost items that can be turned on or off per estimate. The ability to instantly view cost items by cost code, location or combination helps ensure nothing has been left out of the estimate. This new feature is also useful when the estimate proposal requires the location of a line item.

Further enhancements in the estimating module update include a new allowance attribute for Estimate Line Items in which Corecon can summarize allowance amounts per cost code section as well as in the estimate proposal. This feature is especially practical when finishes have yet to be specified but preliminary estimates are required. In this instance, the estimator initially makes a judgment call regarding the item to price (i.e. medium grade carpet or cabinets) and adjusts later.

To help track and price the client’s final selections in the above scenario, Corecon’s upgraded Contract Setup Wizard can create Allowance Packages to adjust the budgets based on the client’s selections. Once an Allowance Package has been finalized, it is then converted to an official Change Order. Unique to Corecon, this distinguishing process gives construction companies the ability to track allowances from estimating to project completion.

Another notable feature in this update is the ability to choose from 13 Microsoft Word templates to create an estimate proposal that groups or summarizes estimate line items. In addition, mail merge fields are available for each template providing granular control on the type of information displayed, such as resource or allowance totals.

“We are continuously seeking to provide practical forward-looking solutions that deliver value to construction companies as well as their clients,” says Wendl. “Our estimating module upgrade provides a modern and collaborative approach to preparing estimates that outperform Windows-based estimating systems, spreadsheets or other online offerings that address just a portion of the estimating process. Another feature of Corecon that is now more prized than ever before by our subscribers is the ability to access our cloud software from home, the job site or office, allowing essential construction work to progress even during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Existing Corecon subscribers can take advantage of the updated estimating module immediately. A help system is available online, along with training webinars.