The Construction Specifications Institute, Inc. (CSI) and ASTM International Connect UNIFORMAT® and ASTM E1557 (UNIFORMAT II) Classification Standards Within CSI’s CROSSWALK® Web Service

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For the first time, applications that incorporate UNIFORMAT and ASTM E1557 now have a  central location to access standards information specific to the project phase from feasibility to turnover.  

CSI and global standards organization ASTM International finalized an agreement to formally link CSI’s UNIFORMAT® standards and ASTM International’s E1557 (UNIFORMAT II) standards within CROSSWALK ®, a gated web service of the CSI-owned Construction Information  Network, LLC (CIN), a platform which seamlessly integrates CSI classifications into construction technology platforms and data flows.  

UNIFORMAT is CSI’s U.S. and Canadian standard for classifying building specifications, cost estimating, and cost analysis used to provide consistency in the economic evaluation of building projects. The ASTM International E1557 standard, managed by ASTM’s performance of buildings committee (E06), expands descriptions of many existing elements. Integrating these two classification standards in CROSSWALK enables the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Owners (AECO) industry to easily communicate and build with the utmost accuracy, safety  and cost-effectiveness.  

By connecting UNIFORMAT and ASTM E1557 via CROSSWALK, architects, engineers, BIM  managers, contractors and cost estimators will be able to translate between the two standards seamlessly in software applications that take advantage of CROSSWALK.” said Mark Dorsey,  CEO of CSI. 

“With this integration, we are seeking to solve the problem users of UNIFORMAT and ASTM  E1557 have traditionally faced when determining which standard to use,” said Brian Meincke,  VP of Global Business Development and Innovation at ASTM International. “Our agreement with CSI greatly improves the quality of construction information and communication among various users of the tool. This integration furthers our commitment to providing our vast user base with the most accurate and up-to-date information needed to deliver the highest quality of work,” Meincke added. 

Launched in May 2020 by CIN, CROSSWALK is a first-in-class digital classification engine for the  AECO community. This tool augments the design and construction process by enabling construction technology platforms to connect through an Application Programming Interface  (API). The API connects to and curates’ versions of CSI’s construction information classifications and standards that span decades. ASTM E1557 standards will now be included among these versions. For more about CROSSWALK, visit [] 

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The Construction Specifications Institute, Inc. is a national association of more than 7,000  members dedicated to improving the communication of construction information by continuously developing and transforming standards and formats, education, and certification.  Visit [] for more information.