TruckIT Announces Integration with Autodesk BIM 360

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Atlanta, GA – December 17, 2020  – TruckIT, a leading construction technology firm specializing in dispatching and electronic ticketing solutions, has announced its integration with Autodesk® BIM 360®, a construction management software that is part of Autodesk Construction CloudTM.

By integrating with Autodesk, TruckIT is bringing an innovative solution into the heavy construction industry. While BIM 360 connects data and workflows from design to project delivery, TruckIT’s E-Ticketing solution eliminates the complications of paper ticket management so dispatchers, contractors and inspectors can more effectively understand and verify ticket information from trucks. Together, the two solutions streamline operations with heightened project visibility and stakeholder connectivity - offering prescriptive insights leading to informed decisions for optimal outcomes.

By adding the TruckIT Partner Card to BIM 360, joint customers can reference TruckIT’s secure E-Ticket details including manifest data and ticket capture right on their project dashboards. The integration empowers team members in the field and office to anticipate issues and make informed project decisions.

“Integrating with BIM 360 is a natural fit for TruckIT,” says Pace Davis, CEO of TruckIT. “Our customer base benefits from innovative project management tools that speak to each other, resulting in profitability due to robust and actionable data insights. We’re excited to contribute to the ongoing advancement of new tech in construction.”

“Manually transferring data and switching between different applications can eat up valuable time for construction teams,” says James Cook, head of integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions. “By tracking TruckIT’s e-ticketing and fleet management information on the BIM 360 dashboard, customers can access more context right on the project home-page and make informed decisions while saving time.”

Joint customers can add the TruckIT Partner Card to BIM 360 today. For more details and key features, visit the integrations page: