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SPRINGVILLE, ALABAMA -- Fontaine Heavy-Haul, the recognized technology leader and innovator in the lowbed trailer industry, is announcing the Magnitude 60HD modular lowbed trailer. “The 60HD is a Heavy-Duty 60-ton trailer that hits a “sweet spot” for operators who need more capacity than standard 55-ton models but want to avoid the financial jump to a 65 or 70-ton trailer,” explained Todd Anderson, VP Sales and Marketing. “As equipment weight trends heavier, this trailer is a welcome addition to our product line for many of our customers,” concluded Anderson.

The Magnitude 60 HD hauls 60 tons in 16-feet utilizing the Fontaine EQ2 Spreader and two additional axles (3+2 configuration). Equipped with a modular tridem bogie, this incredibly versatile trailer can connect with four different deck options so you can match the load configuration to the task at hand: from a flat level, drop-side rail, or beam deck to an extendable deck (available early 2022).

The Fontaine Magnitude 60HD is designed for customers operating in regions where spread axle configurations are required to maximize their trailer loads, but it can also handle 65 tons in 12-feet without adding a flip box or a spreader. This means customers can achieve a lighter trailer set up at a lower acquisition cost if local regulations allow a 4-axle close couple configuration by just adding a flip axle.

Fabricated with 100,000# minimum yield steel flanges, the Magnitude 60HD is designed to provide years of dependable service. The standard trailer boasts a true 26' clear deck length and a loaded deck height for the flat level deck of 22" with 6" of ground clearance. Both the flat-level and drop-side rail decks are available in optional 9' width along with 5' or 10' deck inserts for added flexibility.

A wide variety of accessories are available, and your local Fontaine Heavy-Haul dealer can help you specify the right configuration for your application.

For more information contact Greg Smith, VP Marketing and Business Development, Fontaine Heavy-Haul, 5398 US Highway 11, Springville, AL 35146 • 800-633-6551x826 •