New Doosan Evolution SeriesRedefinesPSI Capabilitiesof Portable Air Compressors

June 11, 2021
The four models also feature a new Doosan engine with an improved fuel system
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STATESVILLE, N.C. —Doosan Portable Power today announced the launch of its new Evolution Seriesportableair compressors. These new machines are a significant technological update for Doosan portable air compressors. Three of the four models of this new line haveDoosan FlexAir technology, a new feature that allows operators to adjust air pressure to a wide psi range.

Two of the new models with Doosan FlexAir technology, the Doosan Evolution SeriesP185-HP150WDO-T4F and XP185-VHP165WDO-T4F, are in the 185 cfm class. This class is by far the industry’s most popular size of portable air compressor by sales volume.

“The Doosan Evolution Series is going to permanently change how people use a 185 cfm air compressor,” says Cody Blythe, air compressor product manager for Doosan Portable Power. “The rules of thumb will be rewritten. Doosan FlexAirmakes these machines that much more capable and productive.”

Get 200 psi from a 185 cfm Air Compressor

Operators in need of 200 psi can now select the Doosan Evolution Series XP185-VHP165WDO-T4F with Doosan FlexAir technology, which can produce 200 psi at 165 cfm. Prior to the launch of this new model, achieving 200 psi typically required a step up in air compressor size class.

“This is especially good news for the fiber optic utility sector,” says Blythe. “Companies in this sector now have a 185 cfm portable air compressor they can use to power fiber optic blowing machines, which typically require 200 psi but less than 200 cfm.”

Fiber optic cable installation is just one example of an application that will benefit from Doosan FlexAir. All air compressor operators face the challenge of hose line pressure loss. As the hose connecting a pneumatic tool, an air compressor becomes longer, air pressure at the tool drops. With Doosan FlexAir, the operator can easily increase pressure to compensate for the loss.

Tool-Free Air Pressure Adjustment

On DoosanEvolution Series portable air compressors with Doosan FlexAir technology, operators select the psi of the output air electronically using the control panel. Most machines on the market require a wrench to change psi.

“Doosan Evolution Series air compressors are the most operator-friendly on the market,” says Blythe. “You don’t need to spend time reaching in the machine and turning a wrench to adjust air pressure. Instead, just push a button.”

New Engine, Fuel Systemin Doosan Evolution Series Portable Air Compressors

Doosan Evolution Series portable air compressors have the latest Doosan engines with advanced Tier 4 Final technology. A new, upgraded fuel system is designed specifically for reliable operation on dusty job sites.

Doosan Evolution Series PortableAir Compressor Models

All models of DoosanEvolution Series portable air compressors contain new Doosan engines and fuel systems.


-Produces up to 185 cfm with pressures ranging from 100 to 200psi

-Doosan FlexAir technology standard

-Optional 4kW onboard generator for charging handheld electric tool battery packs


-Produces up to 185 cfm with pressures ranging from 100to 150psi

-Doosan FlexAir technology standard


-Produces up to 185 cfm at 100psi

-Lower cost model for rental industry


-Produces up to 250 cfm with pressures ranging from 100to 175psi

-Doosan FlexAir technology standard

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